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Woopra News: Sneak Previews of Woopra 1.3, Live Chat, Approvals, and More

Woopra News - July 27th, 2009 by .

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The Woopra development team might be small, but we’re mighty! We’ve all been putting in long overtime to get ready for the next version of Woopra.

Elie Khoury has been releasing sneak previews of the new look for Woopra 1.3 Beta on his Twitter account:

Preview of Woopra 1.3 Beta new desktop clientLast Preview of Woopra 1.3 Beta new desktop client

We know you all are anxious, but we’re digging through the Woopra Forums responding to bug reports and going through the long list of requests for Woopra features. Your feedback has been invaluable and we are so appreciative of all the help you give us and other fellow Woopra members.

Expect Woopra 1.3 Beta to incorporate many of your requests, and to be better and faster than ever before. As John Pozadzides announced recently, we’ll be releasing the next version very soon.

Woopra News You Can Use

In the meantime, here are some newsy bits to keep you updated on what we’re working on and what is happening around the Woopra world, including answers to some of the questions you may have.

Woopra Approval Process

Many have been inquiring about how the Woopra approval process works and if it will continue after Woopra comes out of this phase of beta testing. Recently, John Pozadzides announced approvals on hold pending the release of the new version of the Woopra Desktop Client.

Woopra is currently in closed private beta testing. This means that we intended to only allow those willing to test Woopra and report back to us on their feedback and testing results. We originally wanted to keep the number of beta testers low – oops!

The enthusiasm and demand for Woopra far exceeded our expectations. In the past year, we’ve installed new servers and have been working long sleepless nights to expand our capacity to permit as many people to test Woopra as financially possible.

When we have resources available, we randomly approve new Woopra members, adding to the diversity of those testing Woopra and giving us the vital feedback we need.

Approvals are done manually and randomly, when we have room on our servers. This is time consuming work, so we keep approval periods short so we can get back to the business of improving Woopra.

The Woopra Live Chat Doesn’t Work?

We were stunned by the response to our decision to disconnect the Woopra Live Chat feature while we worked on it, totally rebuilding it per your feature requests. People were really upset about not being able to chat live with their visitors.

We’ll have the new updated version out with an upcoming release of Woopra, so rest assured, it isn’t gone, just being made even better. We’ll also be looking for input on how you use the live chat feature so we can make it even better.

If you would like to add your input on how you would like the new version of the Woopra chat to look like and work, check out How Do You Use the Woopra Live Chat? We asked Woopra members who have been using or look forward to using the chat feature about how they use it.

Use the Current Woopra JavaScript

If you haven’t updated your Woopra JavaScript lately, please do so. Visit the Woopra Members page and get the latest version of the script.

Redirected Domains and Subdomains

Will Woopra work with redirected domains? Txurlo was having problems getting Woopra to work on his redirected domain. He set up Woopra to work with when in reality it redirected from to the other address. Woopra currently works with the registered URL, not subdomains or redirects. If your blog offers redirection, make sure you register the actual address. Redirection capabilities may be available in the future.

The same applies to sites using iframes or frames, often with redirection. Another Woopra member had their site embedded inside an iframe, with an address different from the registered one. If the Woopra JavaScript is inside the frame, and the frame is associated with a different URL/address or subdomain not registered with Woopra, Woopra will not be able to track any stats. During this phase of the testing, Woopra is set to only track the site registered.

We’ll be adding subdomains and other redirections in the future, but for now, please use Woopra only on the specific site you want monitored.

I Need Help Installing Woopra on My Site.

We’re continually adding tips and third-party plugins and add-ons for installing Woopra on a wide variety of sites. Most of these are developed by Woopra Members volunteering their expertise on various platforms. While the manual installation method works for most sites, we are slowly building a long list of Woopra installation tips and add-ons for a wide variety of platforms.

Thanks to Nickelbids, we’ve added his instructions to Woopra CakePHP Integration Installation to our Woopra Installation Guide.

Iancant has been working hard on Woopra working with the latest version of Invision Powerboard and has the first batch of installation tips and features on the Forum.

You can find a full list of the tested Woopra Plugins in the Woopra Installation Guide. If you would like to add a Woopra Plugin to the list for testing, announce them in the Plugins and Add-ons section of the Woopra Forums.

Woopra WordPress Plugin

Here are some things you need to know about the Woopra WordPress Plugin that is currently being updated for WordPress 2.7-2.9, as reported in Testers Needed for the New Woopra WordPress Plugin:

  • Do Not Use the Woopra WordPress Plugin with Release Candidates: We’ve made a lot of changes in the Woopra release candidates, and testing of these requires the manual method of installation. Do not use the Woopra WordPress Plugin with these versions unless you are testing the new version of the Plugin.
  • Testing the New Woopra WordPress Plugin: As announced on the blog, Shane is working hard on the next version of the Woopra WordPress Plugin, making it ready for the next versions of WordPress, and he needs your help on the forum to test the next version. He also goes into more depth about the new changes in the Plugin on his blog in Preview of the updated Woopra WordPress Plugin.

Dedicated Customer Support Email

Blacklabel asks about dedicated customer support email for reporting bugs for Woopra. We’re working on having email bug report contact form for direct contact with Woopra staff through the Woopra interface, and bug reporting through the Woopra site, however, support will continue to be free through the Woopra Forums for those needing help working with Woopra, or making suggestions on how to improve it.

New Woopra Site Design

As we add new features and functions, we’re working on redesigning the site design. Your input on the design changes is important, so let us know here, through the Contact form, or in the Woopra Forums.

Sharing Woopra Themes

Woopra Theme Editor Link exampleFor those of you testing the release candidate, we’re still eager for your input and tips on how the new Woopra Theme Editor is working for you.

The new Woopra Theme Editor can be accessed on your site’s tab in the Woopra desktop client. This allows you to customize the colors of your Woopra panel for that site, making each site look different from the others for fast recognition.

You also have the option of sharing your Woopra Themes with other Woopra users. Test it out and share your design with others and let us know how it works for you.

What Are You Saying About Woopra?

Woopra has been featured at a variety of events lately, including Real Estate BarCamp in Portland, Oregon, WordCamp Toronto, WordCamp Columbus, and REBarcamp Denver, and WordCamp Dallas 2009. We’ll be showcasing Woopra at more events this fall, so stay tuned for more news.

The feedback on Woopra continues to humble us. Here are a few gems I ran across lately.

Woopra vs Google Analytics from sandipndedhia explored the differences between Woopra and Google Analytics:

After reading above introduction of Woopra I felt like why some one will creates one more Analytics tool to compete to Google Analytics. Google Analytics is already providing some of those features which woopra is going to provide so what’s use. But then I felt “people are not fool to compete with Google giving same functionally like Google Analytics”. it has to be some thing more then that. So I decided to give a look at woopra features…if you give a thought on features of woopra then you will be more happier With Woopra then Google analytics.

Woopra Site Analytics – First Impressions from Digital Ignition commented on the Woopra name, explaining the pronunciation:

If you’re wondering how to pronounce Woopra, I like to think it has an exclamation mark on the end (Woopra!) and that it’s the sound Bruce Lee makes when he karate chops your arse. Because I get the impression thats exactly what Woopra is going to do to online analytics.

For those who need help pronouncing Woopra, it’s woop then rah, but we like the explanation by Digital Ignition much better. :D

Allan Kent of MediaFrenzy says in Woopra first impressions:

Once you’re all approved though, getting it up and running is painless. I grabbed the WordPress Plugin and that was it – data immediately started appearing in my Woopra dashboard. While there is a web interface, the more impressive option is to get the desktop client and watch your visitors activity in real time.

Justin Wright of Life of Justin in Woopra: Analytics On Steroids said:

I am now fascinated by it and can’t stop playing around with it…As you can see, I wasn’t kidding about calling it a TweetDeck version of stats.

Woopra is just one of many candidates for the Reader Poll: Best Blog Analytics Software, and Woopra made the Best of List for Web Analytics and Stats by Affiliate Ranger.

According to Wakoopa, Woopra is the 16th most popular web client on Mac OS X. Go have your say on how Woopra is working for you.

@Garrons of Homequest and M-Realty are working on a new , , and Google Maps integrated application and tosses in Woopra as part of their testing, as shown in this video example of how they use Woopra.

mraball said:

I use this for my class webpage and for lessons in graphing. We also talk about which posts get the most hits and how we can change our writing to increase the hits.

Tristan Whittaker in “Woopra – Real Time Web Analytics Every Webmaster Should Have!” said:

Yesterday, my Woopra Beta testing account was activated and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest! Woopra breaths a breath of fresh air into the world of web statistics monitoring, with an incredibly sleek user interface and real time stats and analytics display, this program is going to change the face of web statistics and live visitor tracking.

Red Panda in Livestatistik mit Woopra (English) said:

Woopra is a live tool for the Statistics class. The wealth of data which is almost in real time is, is very large. You can watch live how the numbers change and what the visitors to drive.

Tim Trent of Marketing by Permission worries about the Woopra Live Chat feature and how it seems to be an invasion of privacy. As one of our most popular features, it’s interesting to see how people are using it, and invasion of privacy isn’t one of the methods. One user likened it to a knock on the door saying, “Knocking is permitted, so is not answering the door.”

Matthew Riches of No Fuss Reviews sent us a wonderful email about how Woopra has changed how he works with his site on game reviews:

I have used Woopra for a long time now and it has made a huge impact on how I optimise and promote my sites. Using Woopra has helped me increase visits by over 230% and allowed me to monitor any traffic sources incoming and monopolise on this.

Wow! Thanks, and if you would like to email us your feedback on how you use Woopra, use our Contact page. We may include it in our news, or possibly interview you or have you guest blog on our Woopra blog about how you use Woopra.

Here are some other commentaries and reviews on Woopra:

Share Woopra News With Us

Thanks to everyone for the terrific feedback and input. Your stories help us learn about how you are using Woopra and how we can make Woopra better.

Remember, if you tweet or publish something noteworthy about Woopra, we’ll retweet it and possibly publish it here. Just let us know. If you find something written in another language, please point us to it as well. We’re tracking Woopra discussions all over the world.

You can catch up with past Woopra news in Woopra News: More Approvals Soon, 1.3RC2 Testing, Chat Remodel Underway, and How You Use Woopra, our last issue.

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