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Woopra Funnel Analytics

How To Build And Optimize An Onboarding Funnel

Using Woopra - April 10th, 2013 by Natalie Issa.

The onboarding funnel is one of the key analytics reports for any SaaS company. It allows you to identify areas of friction in your onboarding process and ultimately optimize your conversion rates.
However, in order to see this value, you must build your funnel correctly so that it provides the right insights for your team.…


Custom Event Tracking

What Should I Track? Part 1: The Basics

Using Woopra - April 4th, 2013 by Natalie Issa.

There is one major question you need to answer first thing when implementing a customer analytics solution: what should I track?
Last week there was a post on Quora asking this very question and it’s the single most common item new customers ask us about at Woopra.…


Behavioral Customer Data

What Your Customers Don’t Say (And How To Know Anyway)

Market Trends - March 28th, 2013 by Natalie Issa.

Customers tell us every day, every moment they use our products and websites, what they think about us. They tell us why they abandoned shopping carts, what they like and don’t like about our products, and how we can gain their business.…


Free Trial SaaS

What SaaS Companies Can Learn From Drug Dealers

Market Trends - February 6th, 2013 by Natalie Issa.

In our line of work, “subscription model” is practically synonymous with SaaS. But SaaS companies weren’t the first to take advantage of this revenue concept. Drug dealers have long depended on regular, repeat buying, very similar to the subscription model.
So what can SaaS companies learn from their subscription model forefathers?…


Woopra Customer Analytics

Why Do You Love Real-Time Stats?

Success Stories - August 31st, 2012 by Natalie Issa.

This week we asked you guys on Twitter to tell us why you love real-time stats. We have customers using real-time for everything from sales to customer service to marketing.
For example, some of our customers use Woopra’s real-time stats to spot (hello Notifications!) and engage hot leads on their websites.…

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Why Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore Tablet Users

Using Woopra - August 15th, 2012 by Natalie Issa.

Businesses are starting to pay attention to tablet users. And so they should. According to a recent study by Forrester Research and, tablet users tend to place bigger online orders than laptop or desktop users. This and similar findings present marketers with both the benefits of taking advantage of this opportunity and the challenge of figuring out how to do so.…

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Woopra Customer Analytics

Recap: 3 Ways to Increase Sales With Real-Time Analytics

Using Woopra - August 8th, 2012 by Natalie Issa.

Last week, Elie Khoury, Woopra’s CEO, contributed an article to Retail Online Integration titled 3 Ways to Increase Sales with Real-Time Analytics. In case you missed Elie’s advice, below are a few of the key points.
1. Customer Centric Decision Making
The most important knowledge you can gain from your web analytics is a deep understanding of who your customers are — behaviorally, demographically, psychographically, etc.…

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Customer Experience Is The New Customer Service

Using Woopra - July 2nd, 2012 by Natalie Issa.

Here at Woopra, we love Panera™ – it’s one of our regular lunch spots. Not only is it conveniently located near our office, but their customer service is fantastic, which makes our days that much easier. Just this week when we went to have one of our Panera lunches on King & 4th St, Elie, Woopra’s CEO, had just opened his mouth to place his regular order, when the cashier chimed in, “Greek salad with no onions and a cup of tomato soup?”.…

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How Orbitz is Creating More Value for Mac and PC Users

Using Woopra - June 27th, 2012 by Natalie Issa.

Apple fans are spenders. While you can plainly see this by just comparing the average prices of Apple and Windows devices, beyond that, the Apple culture has successfully drawn in consumers who not only have the financial means to spend more, but also have an appreciation for design and premium quality.…


How Real Time Analytics and PPC Turn Time Into Money

Guest Bloggers - June 20th, 2012 by Natalie Issa.

The following post was written by Kevin Webster, a B2B internet marketing manager in the domestic manufacturing industry.
Time is money. Especially when it comes to your PPC advertising. While it’s critical to test, tweak, and massage your PPC campaigns on a regular basis, each action can have an equal and opposite reaction.…