Take real-time action on real-time data.

Triggers allow you to use your data and Woopra’s advanced segmentation to trigger many different kinds of actions. From notifications emailed to your team to targeted promotions to your customers, the possibilities are truly endless.

Woopra Push Notification

Be alerted of every opportunity and threat

Never miss a hot lead or struggling customer on your site or app. Woopra will send you custom Notifications on important customer activity.

With Notifications:

  1. A California sales team can get notified on the move whenever a senior level lead from a California company with over 500 employees advances through the conversion funnel.
  2. An enterprise support rep can receive an email whenever an enterprise customer receives an error on the company’s website or app.
  3. A customer success associate can receive a notification on their desktop alerting them of inactive accounts.

Update customer properties based on behavior

Tag visitors with properties based on the actions they take. For example, when a new visitor comes to your site from a campaign, you can automatically add the first campaign field and tag them with the name of the campaign. Or, you could update a user’s last login date property every time they log in.

update properties

Set up Webhooks & run JavaScriptDevelopers

Extend Woopra’s capabilities by leveraging the Webhooks and Run Script Triggers.

run scriptWith Webhooks, you can push events to third-party servers (e.g. send a lead to Salesforce) while with Run Script, you can trigger a Javascript code on your website to display a promotion, ad, or even retarget your customers.