Clearbit's Data Enrichment provides rich, real-time person and company intelligence. Send an email or website to instantly surface actionable data points like location, job title, company size and even what technology products they use. Clearbit's industry leading match rate and data accuracy ensure you have the information you need to drive growth or power your application or company.

Enrich Your Woopra Customer Profiles with Clearbit Data for Next-Level Insight

Transform any email address into a complete user profile, with the ability to tie more than 85 additional personal and firmographic data points to the Woopra Customer Profile!

  • Woopra's mission is to show you a complete view of your customers and the experiences they have with your brand. The Clearbit integration directly aligns with this mission by allowing you to learn more about your users than ever before, all from a simple email address.

  • Pull in social media profile data to understand how engaged your users are across social platforms. Look at company industry, size, revenue or technologies used to learn about the types of companies signing up for your product. Choose as many, or as few, data points as you like to fuel segmentation, analysis and gain a better understanding of who your customers are.

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