GetSmartContent is a personalization platform that allows you to serve targeted experiences to website visitors in real-time

Personalize messaging based on your customer behavior to increase awareness and drive conversions.

The Get Smart Content + Woopra Integration empowers you to:

  • Sync all of your Woopra Labels for use as part of your website personalization strategy.
  • Use Woopra labels to create targeted segments in the Get Smart Content Platform. When a website visitor falls into a particular Get Smart Content Segment, that visitor is then targeted with relevant content anywhere on your website where a Smart Content Campaign exists.

For example, you can use the Get Smart Content app to dynamically serve different messages and calls to action for prospects or customers. When a visitor or identified customer uses a particular product, you may want to target them with complementary products or training services. However, if the visitor is a prospect, you may want to identify the product they’re most interested in or where they’re at in their purchasing decision and serve messaging that is relevant to their buyer’s journey.

A day of setup. A lifetime of insights.

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