HipChat is group chat, file sharing, video chat & screen sharing built for teams & business.

Power your team communication with Woopra's customer data so you never miss an update on activities that are important to you.

The HipChat+Woopra Integration empowers you to:

  • Send updates to a specified room or user, leveraging Woopra’s triggers,
  • Receive real-time notifications within your existing communication environment.

For example, your engineering team can receive a notification whenever a user receives an error, along with details about the error so your engineers can identify problems quickly. From there, the engineering team can resolve issues and coordinate with one another directly within the chat room. As another example, your sales team could get a notification when a lead watched three videos, read two blog posts and saw the demo page. From there, they can follow up to schedule a discovery call or a phone chat!

A day of setup. A lifetime of insights.

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