Woopra in Las Vegas at LTPact 2008

Woopra News - June 27th, 2008 by .

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Layered Technologies LT Pact 2008The Woopra Team has been enjoying all the fun and speakers at the LT PACT 2008 Conference at the famous Caesars Palace Resort sponsored by Layered Tech, one of the top web hosting and reselling companies.

We’ve been meeting with a variety of businesses, doing interviews, and learning from the top server expects to help make Woopra run better and faster across servers around the world. The speakers and sponsors here represent the top web hosting and server-related technologies creating the new standards in server technology around the world including:

is an exciting web analytics program for many of these companies looking forward to the commerce and campaign tracking features in development in Woopra. They are eager to take advantage of the features like Live Chat, live tracking, event notifications, and turning the numbers into names.

The Woopra team members have also been meeting with fans of Woopra, discussing new features, improvements, and how bloggers and businesses are using Woopra to develop a stronger picture of their readers and users. With many commercial businesses and startups here at LT Pact, we’re getting solid input on what they need from their web analytics programs, and what they aren’t getting from the programs they are currently using.

Elie Khoury, John Pozadzides, Lorelle VanFossen, and Jad Younan at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for LT Pact 2008Co-founders Elie Khoury and Jad Younan arrived from Lebanon two days before arriving in Las Vegas, jet-lagged and dazzled by the bright lights, fancy hotels, and noise of the casinos. Joining fellow Woopers, John Pozadzides and Lorelle VanFossen, the four took some time out from all the meetings for some Vegas fun, checking out the various casinos and restaurants, and won big on the penny slot machines. Next week, we are all back to work on the next release of Woopra, recharged with all the positive input and feedback.

Layered Tech and 3Tera have been with since the beginning with strong server support and technology, and the Woopra team is gratful for their support.

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