Help Us Put Some Woop Into Our New Woopra T-shirts

Woopra News - July 30th, 2008 by .

Woopra will make it’s tradeshow debut at Blog World in Las Vegas on September 20-21, 2008 and we need your help.

The entire team will be there to mix and mingle with all the Wooper members and fans, introducing Woopra to the world. We’re bringing Woopra t-shirts to hand out but we need your help to add some woop to our Woopra t-shirts.

What should our Woopra t-shirts say?

We will have mens and womens sizes and types, with the women’s t-shirts fitted, and we want some fun ideas for one-liners to go on the different t-shirts.

The males on the Woopra team have come up with these for the women’s t-shirts:

  • Count these
  • Check out these stats
  • Nice Stats
  • Statistically Perfect
  • My numbers are sexier
  • I’ve got the best stats on the web

The women have come up with these goodies for the men’s t-shirts:

  • Woopra keeps me on top
  • Want my number?
  • Let’s trade numbers
  • Quiet. I’m counting Woops.
  • Woop for me, darlin’
  • Willing to woop
  • Me woop. You woop?

Whether your suggestions are gender specific or neutral, we’re ready. Help us share some woop with everyone at the Blog World Expo and help welcome Woopra to the world.

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