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Woopra Plugin for WordPress 1.3 Updated

Woopra News - August 28th, 2008 by Elie Khoury.

Quick update for people having problems with updating the Woopra Website ID: Download download the latest updated version of the Woopra WordPress Plugin. As usual, our Woopra community has proven to be very supportive and the feedback from the recently released Woopra WordPress Plugin has been extraordinary.…


Large News Organization Seeks Startups Using Woopra

Using Woopra - August 26th, 2008 by .

We’ve had a request from a very large news organization who is seeking to interview startup companies that are using Woopra. Since we aren’t about to release anyone’s user data without permission, we’re seeking volunteers who would be willing to talk to the press.…


Woopra Marches in China with the Londonderry Band

Using Woopra - August 23rd, 2008 by .

In June, the Londonderry School Band traveled to China and Woopra tracked them behind the scenes. As the group leaders submitted their blog posts to the Londonderry Hometown Online News sharing their adventures across China and playing for Chinese students and officials, Woopra helped those back home monitor the blog’s traffic and the crew jumped for joy when they spotted the first radar blip from China on the Live Map.…


Live Woopra Video During a Digg Front-page

Using Woopra - August 20th, 2008 by .

If you ask me, this is the pinnacle of Woopraness. Getting to watch what happens during a Digg event when your article hits the home page. This live stream was taken from GeekBrief.TV when Cali and Neal announced a new copy and paste app for the iPhone.…


Introducing the Revolutionary NEW WordPress Plugin!

Woopra News - August 16th, 2008 by .

Today at WordCamp San Francisco iFusion Labs demonstrated a new WordPress Integration Plugin which brings Woopra statistics right into your WordPress dashboard. This is the first time any service provider has allowed users to embed Web Analytics within their own site, and it offers a number of benefits to Webmasters: Immediate access to analytics, traffic statistics and user visits from within the standard WordPress interface.…


Introducing the new Woopra 1.2

Woopra News - August 10th, 2008 by .

Today we’re proud to announce the release of the Woopra 1.2 client software which includes a long list of updates, bug fixes, and feature additions. UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS: To update simply restart your Woopra client software and it should automatically detect and download the latest version.…


Major Update Beginning Now!

Woopra News - August 10th, 2008 by .

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, because it’s been an exciting one for Woopra! Within the hour we are going to begin a series of major updates which will culminate in the release of the new Woopra 1.2 client software!…


Woopra’s State of the Union – August 2008

Woopra News - August 3rd, 2008 by .

Greetings fellow Woopers! We’ve been extra busy at iFusion Labs in the last month, so without further ado – lets get to the updates! We are currently monitoring over 40 million Web page views per day for over 30,000 Web sites including sites that maintain over 1,500 simultaneous visitors.…


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