First Looks at Woopra 1.3 RC1

Woopra News - March 20th, 2009 by .

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Woopra review article by Wonderful Web screenshotThe feedback from the latest release candidate of Woopra is very exciting. Bean Fairbanks of The Wonderful Web has been doing an indepth review and feature analysis of the latest bleeding edge, test release of Woopra 1.3 RC1.

The series so far includes:

The articles cover each feature of Woopra, new and old, with step by step explanations of each panel and section with screenshots. As a long time teacher with LVS Online, the online learning center and school, Bean Fairbanks teaches Blogging Basics and Blogging for Fun, Fame, and Fortune, as well as classes on MySQL database development, PHP, and Dreamweaver, so her tour through Woopra comes from an educator’s perspective as well as user.

Reviews of Woopra 1.3 RC1

Some other published reviews of the first release candidate of Woopra 1.3 include:

Tweet us at and we’ll check out your review and retweet it. For a while, we’ll keep this post updated with reviews of the next version of Woopra.

Remember, Woopra 1.3 RC1 is not for the light of heart. We’re working hard with 60,000 beta testers to go through their feedback in the Woopra Forums to get RC2 released soon, and then onto the stable version of Woopra 1.3 beta. Your input is invaluable, so keep it coming and help us make Woopra even better.

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