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Where is Your Search Traffic Coming From?

Using Woopra - May 29th, 2009 by .

Do you really know where your search traffic is coming from? On the Woopra Dashboard My Searches panel section, Woopra shows you live the search terms people are using to arrive on your site from search engines as well as what users are searching for on your site.…


What Analytic Information Do You Need?

Web Analytics - May 22nd, 2009 by .

We asked you what statistics confuse you the most and got some interesting answers. Now, we want to know what analytic information do you really need to help you manage your website or blog. Web analytics and statistics programs offer you a lot of numbers and analytics, ways of combining or separating the numbers to help you analyze them and make decisions for your website and blog.…


Troubleshooting Woopra: Stress Test Your Site First

Using Woopra - May 21st, 2009 by .

A record was broken for me recently on the Woopra Forums. A Woopra member was having trouble with Woopra not working properly and a quick validation check of their XHTML code found 3,510 Errors, 359 warnings, a new record for validation errors in my book.…


What Statistics Confuse You The Most?

Web Analytics - May 16th, 2009 by .

There are a lot of statistics that can be gathered from your website and blog users. Some are obviously informative, such as the top posts and number of visitors. Others are more vague as to what these numbers mean and how you can use them to help you make decisions about your traffic, content, design, and business.…


Download the Woopra 1.3 RC2: The Final Release Candidate

Woopra News - May 3rd, 2009 by Elie Khoury.

Thanks again to everyone who has been testing the new Woopra 1.3 release candidate, and we appreciate all of the feedback. Today we’re releasing the second, and final release candidate before the forced mass upgrade from the 1.2 release. This new release candidate is a highly recommended update for everyone running 1.3 RC1, and it’s also much more stable than the 1.2 release so if you’ve been having any problems on 1.2 you may wish to download and manually install this update.…


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