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Woopra News: More Approvals Soon, 1.3RC2 Testing, Chat Remodel Underway, and How You Use Woopra

Using Woopra - May 15th, 2009 by .

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We’re working long hours on fixing up and putting the final touches on Woopra 1.3. We just released RC2 and may have another Release Candidate as we recently incorporated a lot of new features in the 1.3 release. The feedback in the Woopra Forums and around the web has been incredible. It is very stable for most users, and people are really enjoying the new features, faster speeds, and improvements.

We are pouring through all of the reports and feedback on the Forum, tracking down those little details and issues that came with the complete rewriting of the Woopra code. We expect Woopra 1.3 to be our most stable and easy-to-use version yet, mostly due to your tremendous input.

We will be opening up approvals very soon as we move into the final stage of releasing the next version and set up new servers coming soon.

We’ve also added more installation tips and add-ons to help you install Woopra on a wide variety of systems and platforms. We’re working on screenshots and videos to help you learn even more about how to use Woopra. And we’re thrilled about the great feedback and reviews Woopra is getting.

We’re also working on a new design for the website, improving navigation and expanding our documentation to help you learn more about how to use Woopra. There is a lot going on behind the scenes!

Here’s more specifics and some more Woopra news you can use.

General Woopra News You Can Use

Woopra Theme Editor Link exampleWoopra 1.3RC2 Released: The next Release Candidate for Woopra 1.3 has been released. We’re really proud of the new features and improvements, especially the work done on Analytics reports and the new Woopra Theme Editor, giving you the chance to color Woopra your way.

We listed all the new features and fixes recently, and you can download the latest version for those of you brave and willing to run bleeding edge code from the Download page. Read the list of things you need to know about the Woopra Release Candidate, especially with the issues that have already been reported on. Don’t forget that your feedback is wanted and needed in the Woopra Forums.

Woopra Web Analytics: The new Woopra Web Analytics version of Woopra allows checking your stats online. Your feedback is welcome and critical to helping to improve the web application version of Woopra. Check out the live stats map now using the Google Map API, too!

The Next Approvals: After a very successful round of approvals, bringing in more than 8,500 new Members to the Woopra family, we’re now testing Woopra across more than 70,000 websites from around the world, with traffic ranging from one visitor a day to millions of visitors daily. We’ve closed down the approval process until we release the next version of Woopra or get more servers installed, putting all our energy into the final development phase and responding to your reports in the Woopra Forums.

We thank everyone for their patience and we’ll be opening up the doors again for our closed private beta testing very soon. For those who haven’t yet had a peek at the new version of Woopra, check out the announcement of Woopra 1.3 and the video of the new version.

Woopra Live Chat: We continue to work on the Live Chat feature of Woopra. It is currently not working in the Release Candidates for most users. The new version will feature customization and a more friendly interface and greeting.

Woopra Installs Across Various Platforms: We’re continually adding tips and third-party plugins and add-ons for installing Woopra on a wide variety of sites. While the manual installation method works for most sites, currently, Woopra installation tips and add-ons are also available for:

  • Blogger/Blogspot
  • Drupal
  • Habari
  • Invision Powerboard
  • iWeb
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • MediaWiki
  • mojoPortal
  • phpbb3/phpbb2
  • Ruby on Rails
  • vBulletin
  • Woltlab Wbb3
  • WordPress

You can find a full list of the tested Woopra Plugins in the Woopra Installation Guide. If you would like to add a Woopra Plugin to the list for testing, announce them in the Plugins and Add-ons section of the Woopra Forums.

Want to Share Your Woop? Don’t forget you can share your Woopra stats with fellow Woopra members with the Woopra Shared Access feature. Simply go to your Members > Share panel on the Woopra website and give permission to those you want to share your site’s stats with. They can set up their own custom notifications, reports, and more.

What Are You Saying About Woopra?

I’ve been traveling around the country giving presentations on Woopra at Real Estate BarCamp, in Portland, Oregon, WordCamp Toronto, WordCamp Columbus, and REBarcamp Denver. I love meeting Woopra fans face to face, and their feedback, questions, and tips have been invaluable.

We will be featuring Woopra at WordCamp Dallas 2009 in Dallas, Texas, on June 27-28, 2009, and I’ll be adding more events to our list soon. Stop in and see us and say hello!

Digging around the web, we found some interesting ways and tips on how people are using . If you have a unique way of using Woopra, let us know. We are always looking for contributions from our Members.

@Scopique said: “Just busted a company using our subscription based site under another company’s subscription. #woopra for the win!”

@wordpressascms said: “One of my blogs is listed in the NYtimes real estate section? Trying to figure out why these hits are coming…Had no idea, thanks woopra!”

James wrote “Thank You Woopra, Entre Card, and YOU!” telling the world how his perspective of his blog traffic changed when he realized that while he had only a few visitors, they were from all over the world.

When I started my blog I didn’t have many visitors except for friends from my city. I looked on Woopra for the past couple weeks and was surprised to find people from Houston Texas, New York City New York, and other places like that. I was ultimately surprised today when I looked and found someone that visited my blog from Czech Republic… Even if this person just visited for 5 seconds….. HE’S/SHE’S FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY!

We are also delighted by all the fun things you have to say about Woopra and how much you love it.

From Tris Hussey: @Woopra Man I love my live stats, but I could stop any time. Really.

Woopra is the shit - tweet on TwitterFrom Deltafoxtrot: @woopra is THE shit for web analytics. seriously.

From atubanos: Playing with #Woopra. It is too cool. THAT’S the way analytics should be.

Illus Apparel said: @Woopra I will never go back to an analytics tool that lacks live reporting. so awesome.

iansplashturner said: “Just upgraded to Woopra 1.3. Noticeably better than 1.2 and definitely better than Analytics.”

Code Munir – Explains the Statistics of Woopra (English Translation) offered a step-by-step overview of Woopra in Arabic.

There have been a lot of reviews about Woopra, especially looking at the next version.

Big Rig Tom wrote that Woopra is the latest in Web Analytics:

See this for yourself, you will be amazed! Even if you are not into web building you will still find it mind blowing what can be done now with a little imagination and a whole lot of hard work behind the scenes by these folks.

Thank you Tom!

Geek Technica reviewed Woopra, calling it a “Real Time Web Tracking Application For the Rest of Us” and said:

Woopra knows that in order for them to break in to this saturated market they not only have to provide something very unique but actually make watching your web traffic a fun experience. I believe very few, if any, web analytic service can claim that they have made watching stats a pleasant experience, if not cluttered and confusing.

Instead of taking the usual route of making a web-only analytic service, Woopra first started with desktop client and then much later moved in to a web interface also, making it an additional option instead of a primary source of analytic information.

Their desktop client, which is based on java and runs on all major platform, is the most beautiful and resourceful analytic interface you will ever see. As visitors pour in to your website you get real time information about the referrers, landing page, search engine term they used to come to your site, the country they are coming from, you can watch them live as they leave comments and my favorite option is the ability to chat with your visitors.

dougweb on “Outstanding!” wrote on the Woopra Forums:

In a previous life I was a Senior Producer for a software company. I think I can say I recognize a good, no better, NO – EXCEPTIONAL application when I see one. Woopra is incredible. A lot of very hard work has gone into this application. The features are many. Each day I explore it I find new ones and look for ways to analyze the information and use it to improve my sites.

You folks really have awakened the analysis world. I am more than impressed.

Woopra, inan? lmaz güzel web istatistik uygulamas? (Woopra, Incredible, Beautiful Web Statistics) (English machine translation) said (loosely translated):

I say good because it is really incredible. I read about the Woopra website statistics application and initially did not believe. More accurately, I wasn’t going to believe it until I could see it with my own eyes…

…After a wait for the approval, I installed Woopra and had to dump all my ideas and transform the folding of my brain around the surprise I encountered. It was a switch to a desktop application, not web app. Because normally I do not see a lot of real-time information in Google Analytics, Woopra gave me the chance to track my stats in real-time, placed in a very stylish design with statical graphics, keywords, questioning, chats, referrals, and a lot of reference knowledge – information more accessible than I can say. I love the real-time map, ability to see visitor details like screen resolution, operating system, IP address, browser, create custom notifications, and if you want, you can talk live with your visitors. In fact, Woopra provides real time communications with your visitors as a one-to-one solution.

The PeC Review: Woopra Promises Real-Time Web Analytics and Behavior Tracking is a video review of Woopra. They said:

It wasn’t that long ago that site owners had to wade through reams of log files to glean strategic information about site traffic and visitor behavior. More advanced analytics tools made it much easier to monitor visitors, find referrers, find operating system information, or even discover which browsers users favored. But Woopra, which is currently free, promises to provide that sort of data in real time, as it is happening. What to watch a visitor navigate through your new navigation system? Do it now.

…Woopra may represent the first of the next generation of web analytics tools, providing real-time site traffic information and reporting. It has the potential to give ecommerce merchants strategy-changing data right now.

Eric Enge’s “Real-Time Analytics with Woopra” covered the new version on Search Engine Watch, and Woopra was included in the list of The 23 best web analytics tools for tracking your visitors by Francesco Mugnai.

In case you missed it, one our favorite tweets came from Jesse Watkins, who posted, “@eliekhoury is the 1,000th visitor to since installing woopra, and he co-founded woopra! lol!”

Share Woopra News With Us

Thanks to everyone for the terrific feedback and input. We are amazed at the phenomenal response. Your stories help us learn about how you are using Woopra and how we can make Woopra better, helping you track individuals across your site and interact with them, moving from tracking numbers to tracking people. With your help, we know we are on the right path with Woopra.

Remember, if you tweet or publish something noteworthy about Woopra, we’ll retweet it and possibly publish it here. Just let us know. If you find something written in another language, please point us to it as well. We’re tracking Woopra discussions all over the world.

You can catch up with past Woopra news in Woopra News: Woopra Status, Woopra Reviews, and Woopra on Your Resume, our last issue.

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