What Analytic Information Do You Need?

Web Analytics - May 22nd, 2009 by .

numbers and chartsWe asked you what statistics confuse you the most and got some interesting answers. Now, we want to know what analytic information do you really need to help you manage your website or blog.

Web analytics and statistics programs offer you a lot of numbers and analytics, ways of combining or separating the numbers to help you analyze them and make decisions for your website and blog. However, not all analytical programs give you the information you need to really help you understand your audience and how to be serve them, as well as how to expand your audience by understanding what the numbers and trends tell you.

What analytical information do you really need for your blog or website? What are you getting and what are you not getting?

In other words, what do you really want to know about your audience? And can a web analytics program really give you the information you need?

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