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Woopra State of the Union for March, 2010

Woopra News - March 31st, 2010 by .

WOW! What a HUGE month this is for us! I hardly know where to begin with the state of the union, so I’m just going to start giving you guys the updates: Clearly the big news this month is the release of the new Woopra 1.4 desktop application which incorporates our live chat capabilities.…


Woopra 1.4 Released

Woopra News - March 26th, 2010 by .

We are very proud to announce that we’ve released Woopra 1.4 into the wild! We announced most of the major features of Woopra 1.4 when we began our testing. They include: Inbound Web Chat: The ability to to have your visitors ping you and say “Let’s chat!” from the website.…



Woopra News - March 25th, 2010 by .

Woopra was recently honored by an extensive review in Japanese by the popular tech online magazine, Gigazine “Woopra Review – Powerful Analysis of Real-time Access” (English). We’ve been getting a ton of interest from Japan and Asia, so we thought we’d offer some information to help and explain a few things from the article to bring you up-to-date with Woopra.…


The Woopra 1.4 Release Candidate 3 Is Now Available

Woopra News - March 23rd, 2010 by .

For those of you who are testing the latest Woopra 1.4 release candidates for us, I’ve got a fresh set of apps for you to check out. We skipped the public release of RC2 and jumped straight to RC3! So have a go at these downloads and let us know if you see anything strange.…


Introducing the Woopra 1.4 Release Candidate

Woopra News - March 19th, 2010 by .

Happy Friday everyone! While most of us are just waiting for the weekend so we can get started with the fun, the Woopra team decided to start the party early! For those brave souls determined to help us make Woopra better, we’re announcing the release of the new Desktop Client version 1.4, Release Candidate (RC1).…


The First Sneak Peak at the Woopra iPhone App

Woopra News - March 9th, 2010 by .

I had a chance to sit down with our Woopra iPhone app lead developer Cesar Alaniz (follow him on Twitter @cesar_alaniz) today, and since we were going over the latest updates on the project we decided to create a video and share the news with everyone.…


Q&A: How Do I See a Unique Visitor’s History with Woopra

Using Woopra - March 7th, 2010 by .

Recently I’ve gotten questions about how to view a visitor’s history both when they are live on the Website, and when they are no longer around. So, I made a little video to demonstrate a couple of methods to teach you how to find this data when you need it.…


Overriding the Woopra Default Visitor Timeout Setting

Using Woopra - March 4th, 2010 by .

A little known fact about Woopra is that there is a default visitor timeout setting which essentially shows the user as gone after several minutes of inactivity. This is something that was requested by a number of users in the early days who argued that they didn’t want to know about users who were just sitting idle because they weren’t really “live”.…


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