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Woopra WordPress Plugin 1.4.5 Updated

Woopra News - June 25th, 2010 by .

Thanks to the work of our new intern, Mario Achkar, the Woopra WordPress Plugin has been updated and is now available. If you have been using the Woopra WordPress Plugin, use the auto-update feature to upgrade. If you deactivated the Plugin and are using the manual method of installing Woopra, please remove the Woopra JavaScript from your site before activating the Plugin.…


Introducing the New Woopra Web Analytics

Using Woopra - June 4th, 2010 by .

After some brief rejuvenation time for our Web Analytics, we’re excited to introduce the brand new Web based version of Woopra for those times when you are away from your desktop but still want to get your Woopra fix! All you need to do is log into your Member’s Area and take a look at your stats!…


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