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New Woopra WordPress Plugin Adds Author and Category Tracking!

Woopra News - July 29th, 2010 by .

Wow! I’ve got some of the biggest news for the Woopra WordPress Plugin users in a long time! Today we’ve released a brand new version, Woopra WordPress Plugin 1.4.7, which incorporates the ability to keep track of Authors and Categories for reporting purposes!…


Woopra Contributes to ReadWriteWeb’s Analysis of Referral Traffic

Woopra News - July 28th, 2010 by .

John Pozadzides, CEO of Woopra, published “Analysis: What are the Web’s Top Sources of Referral Traffic?” on ReadWriteWeb showcasing how Woopra was used for recent research for RWW on the real impact of social media on your web traffic. If there’s one thing we know about Web authors it’s that they are constantly seeking new sources of traffic for their content.…


The .CO Domain Name Rush is ON! We’ve got GoDaddy Coupon Codes to Help Out…

Woopra News - July 22nd, 2010 by .

Hey folks, if you weren’t aware yet, the .CO domain names have now been released and people are registering them like crazy! I would highly recommend that you go and at the very least pick up your primary domain name with a .CO address before someone else grabs it to take advantage of your visitors who forget the M on your .COM address (can you say “domain squatting”?).…


Woopra 2.0 Updates and What’s Coming Next

Woopra News - July 2nd, 2010 by Elie Khoury.

We rolled out another update of the Woopra Web Application today. With more than 200 bugs stomped, we’ve added some great new features, with more on the way. We’ve introduced a new slick user interface similar to Apple’s look and feel, improving the visual interaction with the Woopra Web Application.…


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