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Introducing Woopra Javascript Tracking Code (Version 4)

Woopra News - July 31st, 2013 by Woopra Team.

The dev team has been working hard here at Woopra to continuously improve and deliver a great experience. We know that customization and ease of use are important to our customers so we’ve launched a brand new version of our tracking code designed to deliver both.…


Dogfooding: How We Use Woopra at Woopra, Part 1 – Sales

Market Trends - July 26th, 2013 by Natalie Issa.

We don’t just build and sell Woopra, we also use Woopra. We eat our own dog food. Every single person on our team, every single day. We thought we would share a few ways different teams use Woopra in hopes that it will inspire our users to see the many use cases for Woopra across an entire organization.…


Web Analytics & Customer Analytics Face Off: Insight for Customer-Facing Teams

Market Trends - July 18th, 2013 by Natalie Issa.

For the second installment of our Web Analytics & Customer Analytics Face Off, we’re taking a look at how tools are used by various teams within an organization. Specifically, we’ll explore what kind of access customer-facing teams, like sales and support, are given to customer data obtained via analytics products.…

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Analytics

Market Trends - July 11th, 2013 by Natalie Issa.

Analytics products can be complex. There’s a lot that goes on in the background that you, as a user, don’t see. Yet some of these intricacies can affect the results you end up with and ultimately base your decisions upon. Here are three often overlooked – but very important – things you probably don’t know about your analytics.…

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Centralizing Your Customer Analytics

Market Trends - July 3rd, 2013 by Elie Khoury.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen businesses make over the past 6 years is tracking apps instead of customers. We live in a multi-device world where customers are interacting with us via laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, TVs, and more.…

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