Woopra Analytics Update: Multi Line Charts

Using Woopra - August 5th, 2013 by Elie Khoury.

Today we pushed an exciting update to the analytics reports section. It allows you to compare the progress of multiple metrics over time within a single report.

When studying an analytics report with multiple columns, you will now see a separate line for each, as in the screenshot below.

Woopra Analytics Chart

Any line can be enabled or disabled on the fly by simply clicking on the white dot next to the column name.

Similarly, reports that display bar charts will now show you each of the report columns side by side. You can also disable any of the columns by clicking the white dot next to the name.

Multiple Bar Chart Report

This update enriches the data visualization you get out of Woopra, allowing you to more quickly understand and identify trends in your data. It also gives you yet another way to customize your reports so that they answer the exact questions you need answered.

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