New Update To The Woopra Basic (Non-Commercial) Plan

Woopra News - September 11th, 2013 by .

Dear Woopra Users,

We wanted to notify you that we have recently updated the Woopra Basic (Free) Plan. As stated on our terms of service, the Basic Free plan is for non-commercial use, thus we have disabled Customer Profiles in Basic. We made this new update because we have thousands of customers who have upgraded their plans to comply with our terms of service.

Our Basic (Free) plan still offers many powerful capabilities at absolutely no cost, including: Who’s on your website right now, create labels to segment visitors on the fly, build your own schema, create smart lists based on visitors’ behavior, generate reports on all your schema actions and properties, view your stats in a live dashboard, and much more.

Current Basic Plan users – we are happy to extend a 30-day trial on all of the Woopra Plans if you would like to explore all of the Woopra features. Further, if needed, we are happy to extend your ability to see Customer Profiles for an additional 30 days. Let us know at

We strive to provide the best real-time customer analytics platform in the market. As always, we appreciate all of our users and the support you have shown us over the years. We welcome your feedback and ideas, contact us directly with any specific questions at

Best regards,
Bob Fasano
SVP of Commercial

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