10 Companies That Get Customer Experience

Market Trends - December 4th, 2013 by Natalie Issa.

You know that feeling when a company manages to deliver an experience so great, so personal, that it creates an emotional response in you? When companies do that, they create loyal, lifelong customers. More than that, they create advocates. Here are a few companies that have managed to make advocates out of us.

1. American Express


American_Express_LogoI had a pair of headphones that I bought from Amazon that started to not work shortly after the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty had ended. AMEX has an extended warranty program that essentially doubles your warranty period. Through their website, I was able to enter in a few details about my purchase online and find the headphones I bought. They reviewed my ticket and after only 1-2 business days they refunded the purchase price of the headphones so I could replace them with a new pair!”
– Billy Vong, Front End Engineer

2. Uber


uber-icon“I haven’t taken a single cab since I started using Uber. The entire experience is fantastic. Fast, cashless, cardless. I love that it’s all automatically tracked to make things easier for me. And the drivers are fantastic!”
– Natalie Issa, Marketing Director

“When I learned about Uber, I fired my driver and got rid of my limo.”
– Elie Khoury, CEO (hypothetically of course)

3. Apple


Apple_logo_black“Since they released iCloud a couple of years ago, the cloud user experience across all the Apple devices I own (and friends, family, coworkers) hasn’t ceased to get better and better. I love how it synchronizes my pictures, files, notes, calendars, emails, web pages, passwords, credit cards, etc., and enables me to share what I want with who I want.”
– Antoine Chkaiban, Integrations Engineer

4. Hulu


hulu-logo“I love that I can tell Hulu which ads I do and don’t like so that they can tailor my ad experience. I also like the option they sometimes give you to choose the ad you want to watch. Another very cool thing they did recently was ask me a question – if I plan to buy a phone in the next 6 months – to see if they should show me ads about phones and plans.”
– Natalie Issa, Marketing Director

5. Amazon


amazon-logo“Super fast delivery, free returns, and quick refunds. Plus, Amazon Prime Air is one of the coolest customer experiences I’ve ever heard of.”
– Elie Khoury, CEO

“I used their chat feature to contact their customer service department. They were able to resolve the issue while I was at work, without being on the phone. All I had to do was initiate the chat and they knew exactly who I was. The issue was resolved immediately.”
– Scott Dimond, Account Manager

6. Netflix


netflix-logo1“Netflix is right up there with Amazon when it comes to personalization and recommendations. I love that it remembers what I’ve watched, the exact place I stopped watching a show/movie, lets me know when shows I’ve watched have new seasons available, and makes very relevant suggestions.”
– Natalie Issa, Marketing Director

7. Nest


nest_logo“As someone who is not very familiar with home improvement and the like, replacing the thermostat seemed like a daunting task. However, their compatibility guides were super easy and helpful to identify if we would be able to install the Nest in our home. The installation videos also made it very easy to actually perform the installs ourselves. The amazing part is that this is just a small glimpse into the user experience of the Nest unit itself.”
– Billy Vong, Front End Engineer

8. Overstock.com


logo“A few months ago when I ordered something from Overstock, I called them to ask a question about delivery. When the rep answered the phone, she knew exactly who I was and what my order was without telling her anything – not even my name. I asked her how she knew and she told me their system tells her based on my phone number! That was a first for me.”
– Natalie Issa, Marketing Director

9. Eat24


eat24_logo“Eat24 is on the top of my list. We order team lunches from them almost every week and the entire process is very streamlined. Their system keeps records of all our past orders and allows us to check out with just a few clicks. I often use their iOS app to order dinner as I’m leaving the office and walking to the parking lot. Just a few minutes after I get home, dinner is at my door. They are also extremely responsive when we ask for assistance via their live chat.”
– Elie Khoury, CEO

10. Songza


Songza“It’s a music app that creates playlists based on your mood or activities you’re doing. It also takes into account the time of day. They have a concierge feature which curates a great playlist for you, making music discovery easier as well. It’s like a soundtrack to life.”
– Scott Dimond, Account Manager

Your Favorites

No doubt we missed some companies with great customer experiences. Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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