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Know what customers are doing & how to approach them

Customer insight For customer-facing teams

Sales, support, and customer success teams require insight into customer behavior in order to do their jobs effectively. These are the teams who interact with your customers on a daily basis and have the ability to put insight directly into action for immediate results.

It’s time to bring analytics out of the basement.

Make smarter customer calls and emails

Your customer-facing teams are flying blind when they don’t know what actions customers have performed before contacting them. Embed customer profiles directly within your CRM so that customer-facing teams know exactly how to approach each customer.

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Never miss a lead

Buyers are increasingly researching your and your competitors’ offerings online. Imagine giving your sales team the ability to know, in real-time, whenever a hot lead is on your site and exactly what they are doing, allowing sales reps to capitalize on every opportunity. With Woopra, you can.

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Monitor and accelerate onboarding

Once you get a customer to try your product, the real work starts. Your customer support and success teams know that onboarding customers is both challenging and imperative to the ultimate success of the account.

Customer profiles allow teams to immediately see exactly which onboarding milestones a customer has achieved and enable them to accelerate the entire process. It also allows your teams to monitor the activity and engagement level of each customer to make sure they remain on track.

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Rescue at-risk customers

Winning new customers is great, but retaining existing accounts is equally important. Woopra enables your customer success and support teams to receive notifications whenever a customer is “at-risk” so that they can proactively step in and rescue them. Teams can also monitor the engagement level of each customer to instantly spot underperforming accounts and step in before they become a lost customer.

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