Import/Export API

Important: Read the introduction before proceeding.

Import API

The Import API allows importing a list of visits into woopra. The visits can then be seamlessly accessed in reporting, visitor profiles, schemas, labels…


As described in the HTTP tracking API, events can be pushed into woopra with custom timestamps, simply by adding a unix timestamp (in Milliseconds) to the tracking request.



  • The imported data will be permanently written to the system, and the operation cannot be rolled back.

Export API

the Export API allows exporting a list of visits from Woopra.


The data export API allows exporting visits on a daily basis only. Daily logs are rotated at midnight PST. To export logs for 2015-01-01, the API call has to be made on after 2015-01-02 00:01 AM.



Name Description
website The project name as registered in Woopra
day The day of the log file ex: 2015-01-01
format (optional) The downloaded file format. Supported formats are “json” and “default” (line-separated \n visit JSON texts for streaming)

Example (command line):

curl --user appID:secretKey '' > 2014-01-01.logs

Example (browser):


{"date":"2014-03-20","country":"US","os":"Win","city":"Los Angeles","ip":"","language":"English","pid":"rpE...
{"date":"2014-03-20","country":"US","os":"Mac","city":"San Francisco","ip":"","language":"English","pid":"nTu...


Woopra data logs are incremental; the logs for a certain date are the collection of all logged events during that day- even if they were logged with different timestamps or with special functions such as deleting the visitor.

Your parser should be able to process inserts and deletes. When a visitor is deleted, the visit log will have the following properties:

  • type: system
  • method: delete

This is handled by deleting your copy of the visitor, and expecting a clone of the profile history data under a different ID further in the log file.

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