How to Exclude Specific Visitors

Exclude List


Normally, its best for Woopra to track all visitors to your website. However, there may be reasons that you want Woopra to ignore certain visitors to your site. For example, you may want to exclude your own web developers.

You can exclude visitors by

  • Visitor ID
  • Visitor Name
  • IP Address

Configuring the Exclude List

  1. Login to Woopra Live and show the Dashboard of the website you would like to configure
  2. Click on “Settings” located at the bottom left of Woopra
  3. Click on “Exclude” from the Menu of the popup box
  4. Click on the + button
  5. Choose whether you want to exclude by Visitor ID, Name or IP Address then enter the Name, ID or IP Address into the text box
  6. Click on the Save Exclude button

Note: adding visitors to the exclude list will not affect data already recorded by Woopra

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