Woopra’s advanced visitor tracking technology and one-click integrations with your other tools enable you to monitor your users engagement with you like never before. Woopra’s holistic view of all of your user’s interactions with you across your many different contact points allows deep insight to who your customers are and how they’re engaging with you across your many touchpoints. The unique picture you can build out of your otherwise siloed customer data allows you to accurately assess your current efforts, create perfectly relevant engagements, and communicate with your customers like never before.

Woopra’s tracking technology begins by automatically profiling each user through detailed behavioral and demographic data in real-time. Woopra’s unique AppConnect feature expands upon this tracking by instantly connecting with your other tools, bringing the data together into a single platform, and turning segmented snapshots into actionable results.

Woopra allows many straightforward options for setup across multiple languages and platforms. AppConnect offers easy plugins for various CMS platforms, such as WordPress, and Magento, without requiring a single line of code.

While this data will get your analysis off to a good start, we strongly recommend that our users next go on to setup or work with their developers to setup event and identification tracking unique to their business needs. Many of AppConnects Apps require visitors to be identified by email in order to link the App action to the correct visitor profile, and tracking custom actions gives far better insight to the behaviors most of interest. We provide SDKs for most common languages, but if you don’t see what you need, our HTTP tracking API is also fully documented to build your own library or SDK.

Once you have Woopra’s tracking in place, whatever your setup may be, take a look through our product manual and available Apps to learn how you can best use Woopra’s features to get the right answers to your business’ most important questions.

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