Woopra for Salesforce Integration Setup

Note: You must have both a Woopra and Salesforce accounts in order to access the integration. You must have the Woopra Javascript tracking code on your website and it must be identifying visitors via email address for the integration to work. If you have not set up Woopra accordingly, please follow steps one and two of the the setup tutorial or contact us at support@woopra.com.

Step 1: Install Woopra for Salesforce App

1. Go to the Woopra listing on the AppExchange

2. Click “Get It Now” and choose either “Install in Production” or “Install in Sandbox”

3. Confirm and install

4. Log in again to Salesforce if you have been logged out and follow prompts to approve package API access. When done, confirm installation.

Step 2: Configuration

1. Go to Setup (top right dropdown)

2. Under “App Setup”, click “Develop” and then “Custom Settings”

3. Click on “Manage”

4. Click on “New” or “Edit” (if it already exists)

5. Add your website as it is on Woopra and and hit “Save”

Step 3: Adding Widgets

1. Open any lead within your account and click on “Edit Layout”

2. Under VisualForce Pages, add a Section and set the Section Properties so that the layout is 1-Column

Woopra Salesforce Setup - Section Properties

3. Next, drag the “WoopraLeadProfile” to the section you just created

4. Scroll to the added Woopra Profile and click on the configuration button and add the following settings

Woopra Salesforce Setup - Visualforce Properties

5. Hit “Save” and you’re all set

6. You can now follow the same instructions from Step 2 to add the Woopra app to the Contact layout

Tip: Please make sure that your lead’s Email on Salesforce matches with their Email on Woopra

Internet Explorer Users

If your agents access salesforce using Internet Explorer, you need to make sure that 3rd-party iframes (woopra.com in particular) accept cookies. To do that:

  1. Go to Internet Options
  2. Click on the Privacy tag
  3. Edit your per site Privacy settings
  4. Always allow Woopra to set cookies

Woopra Salesforce Integration Internet Explorer

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