Live Visitors Stream Overview

Woopra provides a Live Visitors Stream that displays all the visitors currently on your website and what they’re doing. This stream is updated in real-time as visitors come to, navigate through and leave your website. This view shows all the information about your visitors. Not only the information that Woopra has collected, but also the Custom Visitor and Custom Event information that you have integrated into Woopra.

Live Visitors List Shows

  • Visitor Name or ID
  • Visitor Photo (set via Custom Visitor Data)
  • Labels Associated with Visit
  • Current Page Title
  • Visitor’s Activity (whether active or idle)
  • Number of Actions Performed

Live Customer Profiles

When you click on one of the visitors in the Live Visitors Stream, Woopra will open the visitor’s Customer Profile which will detail:

  • Total Number of Visits
  • Total Number of Actions
  • Total Time Spent on Your Site
  • When Their First Visit Was
  • Their Location
  • Their Browser and Platform
  • Their Language
  • Any Custom Visitor Information Set in Woopra
  • Their List of Actions for this Visit
  • Note If information doesn’t fit on the screen, you can hover your mouse over the information for a convenient tooltip
Live Visitor's List
Once you are viewing a live Customer Profile, you can:

  • Edit the profile
  • Start a chat session with the visitor
  • See the visitor’s history (their previous visits)
  • Close the view
Action List

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