How to share Woopra with Agents


Woopra is designed to be accessible by multiple Groups of Agents. Each Agent can customize their own setup that includes their Dashboard, Custom Reports, Funnels, Retention Reports etc.

To share Woopra with your colleagues, start by clicking on the settings button on the bottom left of your Woopra Web App and then click on Agents.


Once you add your colleague’s email address and set their “Groups” associations, click “Save Agent”. They will be sent an email inviting them to join Woopra. If they already have a Woopra account, your website will be automatically shared with their account.

Account Types

Agents can be added as either Administrators or Users. Each website can have multiple Administrators, but only one Owner.

  • Owner is an Administrator who can also update the website package and manage billing information. The Owner will have a lock key next to their name in the left-side agent list.
  • Administrators can add/remove/update other agents Group settings. They can also update the global project settings like the timezone and Schema.
  • Users can set up their own configuration but they cannot add or remove other Agents or change global website settings.

Only Administrators can see the website Settings view (screenshot above).

Group Permissions

Click the Groups icon from your settings. Each Group of Agents can be granted permissions by selecting “On/Off” for each module. This allows Administrators control over which parts of their data are shared with each Group.


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