Android SDK

Track customers on your Android native applications using Woopra’s Android SDK

Download the SDK

Download Android SDK from GitHub

Get Started with Android SDK

To setup your tracker SDK, configure the tracker instance as follows (replace with your website):

WoopraTracker tracker = Woopra.getInstance(this).getTracker(""); // 'this' is 'context' (e.g. activity)

You can update your idle timeout (default: 30 seconds) by updating the timeout property in your WTracker instance:

tracker.setIdleTimeout(180); // in seconds

If you want to keep the user online on Woopra even if they don’t commit any event between the last event and the idleTimeout, you can enable auto pings:

tracker.setPingEnabled(true); // default is false

To add custom visitor properties, you should edit the visitor object:

tracker.setVisitorProperty("name", "User Name");
tracker.setVisitorProperty("email", "");


Map<String,String> visitorProps = new HashMap<String,String>();
visitorProps.put("name", "User Name");
visitorProps.put("email", "");

To track an event, you must setup a WoopraEvent object and track it:

// setup event
WoopraEvent event = new WoopraEvent("appview");
event.setEventProperty("view", "home screen");
event.setEventProperty("title", "Home Screen");

// track event
Note: All Events and properties should be lowercase

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