Track customers on your iPhone and iPad native applications using Woopra’s iOS SDK

Download iOS SDK from GitHub

iOS SDK Documentation

When the app loads, you should load the Woopra Tracker and configure it.

[WTracker sharedInstance].domain = @"";

You can update your idle timeout (default: 30 seconds) by updating the timeout property in your WTracker instance:

// Ping is disabled by default
[WTracker sharedInstance].pingEnabled = true;

To add custom visitor properties, you should edit the visitor object.

Note: All properties should be lowercase
[[WTracker sharedInstance].visitor addProperty:@"name" value:@"John Smith"]
[[WTracker sharedInstance].visitor addProperty:@"email" value:@""]

Your custom visitor data will not be pushed until you send your first custom event. For websites, the default event is a pv (pageview). In mobile apps, we recommend that developers use the event appview when switching between Windows and Views.

To add send an appview event:

// create event "appview"
WEvent* event = [WEvent eventWithName:@"appview"];
// add property "view" with value "login-view"
[event addProperty:@"view" value:@"login-view"];
// track event
[[WTracker sharedInstance] trackEvent:event];
Note: All events and properties should be lowercase

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