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Blogger Installation


  1. Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click the dropdown arrow on the left of the View Blog button
  3. Choose “Layout” from the popup list
  4. Somewhere near the top of the Layout, find a link that says “Add a Gadget”
  5. A pop-up window will appear with a list of Gadgets. Scroll down and select the “HTML/Javascript” Gadget
  6. In The Title field type in “Woopra”
  7. On top of and to the right of the Content box, make sure it says “Rich Text”, not “Edit HTML”. You can click on it to toggle between them
  8. Now copy (CTRL+C on PC and Command+C on Mac) and paste (CTRL+V on PC and Command+V on Mac) the code from Woopra’s Setup Page into the Content box in the Gadget Popup Window
  9. Click “Save” in the Popup Window and it should disappear
  10. Click “Save Arrangement” in the Layout Editor in the Main Blogger Window
  11. You can view your site’s stats by visiting https://www.woopra.com/live/ from an up-to-date browser. Woopra works best in Chrome and Safari but FireFox works as well.

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