Custom Visitor Data

Woopra can be easily extended to push your custom information into our database by appending it within our javascript as simple “keys” and “values”. This is easily accomplished by any developer, but this functionality is also already built into many tools such as our own WordPress plugin.

Visitor Tagging

Woopra offers the ability to tag your users with a real human name, so you can tie your CRM system into Woopra or even just track people who leave a comment by name each time they return.

More Demographics

Not only can you tag visitors by name, but Woopra allows you to also display and analyze demographics you have already captured in your database such as age, sex, registration date, total amount paid, type of contact, and so on. You can then see all these details tightly integrated in Woopra alongside the demographics that we already offer.

Compare Apples to Apples

As you embed more demographics to your visitor details, you will be able to seamlessly run analysis on them in real-time. Something no other provider can offer!

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