Funnel Reports

Funnel Reports

Improve your conversion rates
Reduce customer acquisition costs

Discover why leads don’t convert
Pinpoint major drop-offs in your conversion process

Get the big picture of what’s going on in your conversion process (e.g. trial to paying customer) and identify at what stage your customers are abandoning. And at each of those stages, build short-term funnels (e.g. signup process) to optimize each step.

funnel time

Know how long customers spend between each goal

Quickly see the average amount of time and number of visits it takes for customers to move from one goal to the next.

Identify your best and worst converting segments

Woopra allows you to quickly compare how different customer segments move through your funnel. This way you can see which types of customers convert best – and get more of them. You can also spot the worst performing segments and learn how you can improve them.

When comparing how customers coming from different campaigns convert, you might find that your lower cost campaigns are driving better converting traffic than your more expensive ones. Optimize, my friend.

compare segments

Build segmentation Filters based on Funnels

Woopra filters support then operators, which means that you can segment by people who have made it to a certain stage in a funnel.

filters with then operator

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