Retention Reports

Retention Reports

Improve your customer lifetime value

Discover your customers’ average engagement level

Do customers value your offerings enough to keep coming back? Or do they come once and never return? Find out – now.

Measure key action repeats over time

Sometimes simply measuring how long customers continue to come back isn’t enough. Measure what matters – how long customers continue to perform an important action, such as making purchases or sharing photos.


Compare apples to apples

Define your cohorts based on specific behavior. For example, from the moment customers “sign up” or “add a credit card”, for how long do they continue to repeat a specific action?

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What Woopra can tell you about your retention

Instagram can find out: For how long after users sign up, do they continue to take photos?
An E-commerce site can learn: For how long after customers make their first purchase, do they continue to make repeat purchases?
Square can discover: For how long after merchants finish setting up an account, do they continue to process credit card transactions?

Compare cohorts
to see how changes impact your retention over time

Compare how well you retain groups of customers who started using your product around the same time (day, week, or month). This allows you to see the effect changes in your product or offerings have had on your customer base.

For example, if customers who started using your product in August have higher retention than those who started using your product in June, the big update you made in July probably had a positive impact.

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