Real-time Analytics Reports
that adapt to your business

The most customizable analytics platform you’ve ever seen. Seriously.


Automatic reports
On your custom data

Reports are automatically generated based on the data you’re tracking. Are you tracking purchases? Woopra will automatically generate revenue reports grouped by days, weeks, months, categories, SKUs… The list goes on.

Self-serve Custom ReportsEnterprise
Or full service, when you want it

Our report factory is designed for ease of use and real-time report generation. Enterprise customers can create custom reports on the fly without having to engage a data team. You can group by multiple data points, bucket, transform, and extend your columns with formulas. Build the custom reports you’ve waited months for, in minutes.

The report being built below tells you the average revenue per person by original referrer type

  • custom-report1
  • custom-report2
  • custom-report3
  • custom-report4
  • custom-report5

The Classics, too

Dozens of traditional reports enable you to measure demographics, systems, referrers, and more.

Cohorts Countries Cities Regions Organizations
Device Types Platforms Browsers Languages Screen Sizes
Referrers Campaigns Queries Downloads External Links

Hone in on specific segments

Woopra’s report segmentation capabilities are endless. Define segments of customers based on who they are and what they did. Chain filters together and dig deep into your data.


Drill down to the individual level

Have you ever needed to know who the people are behind the numbers? Every Woopra report can be broken down to the individual level with a single click.

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