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Woopra for Product Teams

Get concrete answers to your product & usability questions

Identify top & least used features

No more guessing which features are valuable to your customers. With Woopra you can run tests, get measurable results, and have confidence in every update you push. The better data you have, the better products you create.

Pinpoint where your customers get lost

Funnels enable you to spot the exact steps in your conversion process that cause customers to abandon. Finding your biggest problem areas enables you to make small product changes that will have a huge impact.

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Know what keeps customers coming back – or not

Do your product updates create more value for customers and keep them coming back? Get a definitive answer to this question with retention reports.

You can compare groups of customers who started using your product around the same time (cohorts) to see how product changes have affected your retention over time.

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Have confidence in your data

Woopra’s unique technology allows you to track your customers across multiple devices. For example, if a customer first visits your site from a laptop, then uses your app from an iPhone, then visits your site again from an iPad, Woopra will track them across all these devices. Traditional web analytics, on the other hand, will see this customer as three different people, giving you inaccurate data and reports. Woopra is customer-centric, not device-centric.

Accurate funnel conversion reporting

If a customer first visits your site from their iPhone and then later signs up from their laptop, Woopra will report this conversion to you in your funnels, whereas web analytics will not.

Accurate retention conversion reporting

If a customer first uses your product from their home laptop and then continues to use your product from their work laptop, Woopra will reflect this activity in your retention reports, while traditional web analytics will fail to do so.

Enrich your data with properties

Tracking custom events is a start, but to get the most value out of your data, you should be able to send properties with those events. For example, if you are tracking the event “purchase”, you can send the properties amount, SKU, shipping method, and any other information that you will want to analyze.

Once you are sending these properties, you will be able to use them throughout the platform. You will be able to generate reports analyzing the properties, use them in your funnels and retention reports, apply them as criteria for segmentation, and more.

Follow customers’ experiences and improve them

Very often, the fastest and easiest way to answer a question you have about customer behavior is to simply watch the activity of individual customers.

For example, by watching several customers who are all power users, you can understand what your stickiest features are. Similarly, comparing the activity of a few customers who recently cancelled their accounts can help you quickly diagnose common problems.

5 minutes in Woopra can often give you the same answers as a lengthy usability analysis.

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Integrate all your tools with minimal coding

Woopra enables you to set up WebHooks (custom callbacks) to trigger actions on your or other third party servers when customers behave in a certain way. This flexibility means you can leverage your customer insights and Woopra’s advanced segmentation capabilities for all your tools.

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