Woopra for Agencies

Your customers will love it!

The Woopra Agency Package gives you easy management and implementation across multiple client accounts and campaigns with the most comprehensive reporting and user behavior analytics capabilities on the market.

The Woopra platform provides agencies with a structured foundation for flexible sharing and management of multiple properties within a single, easy to use interface.

With the Woopra Agency Package, you will have access to the full suite of the Woopra Enterprise Platform as well as the ability to have multiple projects within a single instance for controlled management, multi-user administration, and rapid customer/campaign changes. You can easily add and switch various customer campaigns while still maintaining key reporting configurations.

What’s included in the Agency Package

  • Enterprise level account: Full Woopra Enterprise Platform functionality.
  • Streamlined billing: Bundled Agency pricing structure and billing from a single account.
  • Multiple projects in a single Woopra instance: Manage multiple customer campaigns and web properties through a single account.
  • Controlled administration: Agencies can give secure controlled access and sharing for colleagues and clients with a set of completely customized settings, including control over which features and data can be accessed by each agent.
  • Multiple domains in a single account: Rollup multiple domains into a single account and track users across these domains. This is especially important for brands with various micro-sites who want to understand customer interactions across multiple properties.
  • Woopra API and Schema: Fully enabled Woopra API and customized Schema configurations for each client for unlimited custom reporting and the ability to have multiple levels of Triggers and Notifications.
  • Woopra Tracking Code: Agencies can create multiple instances of the tracking code, which allows you to implement and track events on large ongoing campaigns across multiple accounts, and identify web customers behavior on the fly without sending a new tracking event.

Here are just a couple of the hundreds of globally recognized agencies using Woopra: