Woopra for Marketers

Understand what motivates your customers

Customer knowledge is marketing power

Woopra gives you a deep understanding of what attracts and converts customers. As a marketer, you’re constantly trying to generate quality leads as efficiently as possible, convert those leads, and create a great experience for every customer. Woopra can help you.

Clear reports that give you instant insight

Do you currently struggle with your analytics reports to get the exact insight you’re looking for? Do you often have to wait hours, or even days, for new reports?

We’ve been there. That’s why Woopra offers marketers analytics reports that are based on your unique needs and can be easily segmented on the fly – all in real-time.

We can even create an entirely custom report, just for you!

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Identify your best & worst marketing initiatives

Woopra helps you measure all of your marketing initiatives in one place so that you can evaluate the ROI of each. You can see not only the traffic generated by campaigns, but the actual impact they have on your revenue, by tying your marketing activities to sales.

Did social efforts result in more conversions than your display advertising campaigns? Is your blog driving more revenue than your referral program? These are the types of insights that Woopra delivers for you.

Optimize your conversions

Get a customer-centric view of your funnels to truly understand what contributes to conversions and what needs to be improved.

Discover your best customer segments

Woopra enables you to compare the conversion performance of multiple segments so that you can easily identify the best types of customers – and get more of them.

For example, you may find that customers who signed up from your webinar move through your conversion funnel better than customers who signed up from paid search.

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Integrate with your marketing tools

Woopra gives you deep, granular data about the behavior of your customers across your websites and applications. You can use this data, along with Woopra’s unmatched segmentation capabilities, to better target your marketing initiatives.

Whether it’s email marketing, retargeting campaigns, or lead nurturing, Woopra can make your efforts more personal and more effective.

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