Xplenty: A Big Data Startup To Watch

logo_xplentyChosen as one of the 10 hot big data startups to watch by CIO and one of 10 emerging companies to watch in data by DBTA, Xplenty is a SaaS company you should keep your eye on! Xplenty is a cloud service that takes the complexity out of Hadoop. It can be used by any data professional without any special training.

Xplenty operates using a SaaS model, facing many of the common challenges encountered by most SaaS companies – driving signups, trial conversion, and customer retention. When Xplenty came to Woopra, we were excited to work with another SaaS company that really knows data.

The Challenges

1. Xplenty’s existing solution did not allow them to drill down to the individual user level, so they did not have full visibility into their customers’ behavior. This made it difficult for them to know what was working and what was not. Although they are a Big Data company, Xplenty wanted not only the macro view, but the micro as well.

2. Xplenty’s existing solution did not allow for comprehensive campaign tracking. As a result, the company often had to guess which campaigns people were coming from based on the click through links.

3. The lack of flexible segmentation in the company’s existing solution meant that they were unable to sort and filter by anything meaningful.

The Solution

1. Xplenty implemented Woopra after it was recommended to them by the head of marketing at another tech company. They were attracted to Woopra because of its light, clean, and straightforward platform. They have also implemented the Woopra for Salesforce integration, which allows their business development, sales, and service teams to see prospect and customer behavior directly within their CRM.

2. Using campaign tags, Xplenty is now able to measure the impact of its campaigns. Where they were often guessing in the past, they now have concrete answers.

3. The company has leveraged Woopra’s flexible filtering system to build out key customer segments based on specific data. They can now clearly see how different customer groups behave and how to tailor the experience for each.

The Outcomes

1. In the words of Xplenty’s Head of Marketing, Joshua Polsky, “We’re now able to focus on the exact areas we need to target, and we know where we should be spending our resources and what areas we should ignore.”

2. Now that Xplenty has a deep view of individual users, they are able to leverage that insight to improve sales. For example, the marketing team uses Woopra to send important and engaged sign ups to their business development team.

2. Woopra has changed the way the Xplenty team works. Joshua says, “I truly think that this tool is going to help take us to the next level, and save money at the same time. Oh, and the attentiveness of my success manager is a major plus. Big ups to him.”

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