Analytics/Reports API



Basic Parameters

Required Name Description
required website string e.g.
required report_id string Report ID – can be found by retrieving the last part of the URL path when loading a report in the web app. Ex: for the report

the report ID is: “6d9hqssf37”

required date_format string date format
required start_day string query start day
required end_day string query end day
optional segments JSON array segments array
required limit number max number of records to return
required offset number records to skip


curl \
-X POST -d \
     "website": "",
     "date_format": "MM/dd/yyyy",
     "start_day": "01/01/2013",
     "end_day": "02/21/2013",
     "limit": 100,
     "offset": 0,
     "report_id": "6d9hqssf37"

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