Unite Every Touchpoint with End-to-End Customer Journey Analytics

Track, analyze and optimize every customer action from first marketing touch through immersive product usage in a single platform.

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Optimize Every Touchpoint in the Customer Experience

Whatever the question, you’ll find an analytics report with answers. Full-funnel attribution, onboarding optimization, feature usage trends, subscription growth, cohort analysis and more.

From the first touch on your website through conversion and product usage, Woopra’s intuitive analytics reveal what users are doing and enable you to engage in real-time to increase acquisition, drive engagement and improve retention.

The biggest problem was that we didn't know what our customers were doing. Woopra made information immediately available for us to find answers to specific questions, map out the customer journey and acts as the baseline for our customer data.

Scott Smith, VP Sales, CloudApp
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See the People Behind the Numbers

Unified Profiles let you examine every user and view every action. Find out who is making payments, interacting with your website, opening emails and using key product features all within a single platform.

We needed a solution that would integrate well, tie all of our data points together, show us customizable funnels and ultimately, show us real people (not just numbers). Woopra fit these needs perfectly.

Dave Nevogt, Co-Founder, Hubstaff
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Ask and Answer Any Question. No Code Required.

Woopra's easy to use visual interface allows anyone to quickly answer questions without writing a single line of code. Analyze and optimize every touchpoint in the customer experience.

Woopra enables other departments to be more autonomous than ever before. An engineering request that might have taken weeks to accomplish can now be done by our own marketing team in the same day.

Ryan Stevens, Product Manager, Mayvenn
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Trigger Personalized Interactions with Real Time Automation

Automatically trigger emails, post Slack messages or update Salesforce fields based on user behavior and attributes. Woopra's Triggers help you engage in deep, meaningful customer interactions through the right channels at the right time.

Woopra’s Journey Analytics platform offered a turnkey solution that enabled us to improve internal workflows and respond in real-time to clients’ unique needs.

Andrew Karam, Co-Founder & VP Product, AppLovin
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50+ One-Click Integrations

With a suite of one-click integrations and the ability to track any custom actions, Woopra unites your data — helping teams identify obstacles and opportunities in the moments that matter most.

Instantly update a record in Salesforce, send an email triggered by user behavior in MailChimp, or post an alert to your Slack channel when someone tries a new product feature.

With Woopra, we’re able to pull data from one central source so teams can work off the same data set and automate report sharing for collaboration. The more information we have about engagement, the more we can communicate to clients about their target audience and advise them on campaign performance.

Lik Fun Chan, Product Manager, SERMO
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Woopra is an amazing tool that we use on a daily basis to grow our business. Its simple user interface gives even unexperienced users the power to analyze and draw conclusions from very complex data sets. It is a must have tool for any company that wants to quickly gain insights into their business.
Yaron Lipshitz, CEO, AllSeated

Full insight into the customer journey.
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