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Increase bookings and customer lifetime value with real-time analytics and personalization based on visitor behavior, attributes and preferences.

Travelwits Uses Woopra to Prioritize Development and Save Time

Woopra has been a wonderful tool for us. Before we started using it, we were in the dark in terms of the user behavior, what issues were encountered by users and how often. Woopra provided us with the statistics and the funnels to debug these issues and characterize them in a statistically significant way. This allows us to prioritize development efforts and saves money by focusing on more frequent issues and postponing fixing infrequent issues.

Max, CEO, TravelWits

Deliver first-class personalization experiences with Woopra

Visitors browse your mobile app and search your website in their peak moments of interest. Know what brought them to you, who they are, their needs, preferences and more to create unforgettable experiences and "wow" your guests.

From sending promotional emails or engaging in live chat to retargeting or answering support questions, Woopra maps every customer touchpoint allowing you to analyze, optimize and engage the right users at the right time. 

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Customer Journey Reports

Connect Online Experiences Across All Channels and Touchpoints

Bring chat, mobile, support, email, advertising, behavioral and transactional data into one platform. See which promotional campaigns drive the most bookings and optimize underperforming campaigns with real-time customer insights. 

From the moment a visitor lands on your website to their first search, booking and beyond! Map the end-to-end journey to visualize and optimize every customer touchpoint.

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Unified Customer Profiles

Personalize Customer Service and Optimize Efficiency

Deliver personalized support to visitors and customers by arming support teams with unified Customer Profiles. See each action taken by visitors prior to speaking with support to tailor responses and alleviate back-and-forth pain. Know what a customer has been searching for, any issues experienced and how engaged they are, without having to ask a single question.

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Analyze Customer Search and Engagement with Trends Reports

Measure trends in hotel or flight searches by location, destination, demographics or time of the year. Know if visitors are more likely to purchase flights on their mobile device vs. desktop. Always know how your most important metrics are trending and what factors influence conversion. 


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Real-time Automation

Engage Current and Potential Customers with Personalized Messaging

Notify customers via text when their flight is ready for check-in. Trigger a personalized chat message based on browsing behavior. Or, notify prospects via email when the vacation they recently searched for is on sale! Stay connected with customers and build experiences that will keep them coming back for years to come.

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Full insight into the customer journey.
No SQL required.

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