Journey Analytics Reports

Journeys reveal critical obstacles and opportunities at every point in the customer experience from marketing campaigns to product engagement.


Non-linear Journey Analysis

Learn how customers use your product — and which campaigns across departments drive success.

The experience users have with your company is a non-linear path of engagements across a huge range of touchpoints. Every user experience is unique, and Woopra’s Journey Reports allow you to combine any set of actions, properties or goals to understand how users move across campaigns, through your website and within your product.

Woopra's approach to customer analytics is powerfully unique. Their end-to-end platform enables immediate insights into the customer journey, resulting in maximum flexibility to grow touchpoints and increase conversions.

Colin Behr, VP, Business Development, Vungle

Optional Journey Steps

Identify the nature of the journeys users take from a multi-path perspective.

With Journey Report's ‘Optional Step’ feature you can visualize the impact of any touchpoint on customer success — even if users are not required to take them. Whether it's a retargeting campaign or a new product feature, track the alternative paths customers take, leaving no experience unaccounted for.  


Total Journey Campaign Attribution

Measure the attribution of campaigns as they evolve over time.

It’s not enough to measure clicks and conversions. Understand which campaigns drive the right customers to your product today and which keep them coming back for more. Always stay on top of what happens after the point of conversion for true attribution analysis. 


Unmatched Segmentation Capabilities

Compare how different segments of users move through Journeys.

Segment and analyze Journey results by any combination of cohort criteria including date, geography, platform/device, campaign source, industry, job title and a slew of other profile attributes. Uncover granular-level detail in the who behind the actions you're analyzing.


A Journey Report for Every Team to Ask and Answer Questions

Know where customers have been, what they’re trying to achieve, and why specific issues led them down a particular channel.

Types of questions you can answer with Journeys:

  • How does live chat affect my conversions?
  • Where am I losing potential users during onboarding?
  • How does blog engagement impact free trial signups?
  • How does customer support affect the NPS score?
  • How effective is our retargeting campaign?
  • Which product feature drives the most upsell opportunities?
  • How does a user encountering a product bug impact retention?


Full insight into the customer journey.
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