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  • 500K actions/month
  • 90-day data retention
  • Core analytics & reports
  • 30+ integrations
  • 5 million actions/month
  • 24 months data retention
  • Advanced behavioral analytics
  • Real-time automation
  • Import retroactive data NEW
  • Premium support
  • 50 million+ actions/month
  • 24+ months data retention
  • Data warehouse dump
  • Custom Objects NEW
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Enterprise support & implementation
Plan Summary
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Actions Per Month
5 Million
50+ Million
Data Retention
90 Days
24 Months
24+ Months
Dedicated Account Manager
User Journey Tracking
30+ Integrations
Core Features
Journey Reports
Trends Reports
Retention Reports
People Reports
Pro Features
Dynamic Journeys
Custom Metrics and Aggregations
Multiple Dimensions
Data Formulas
Behavioral Segmentation
Scheduled Batches
People Metrics
Cross-Domain Tracking
Data Loader
Custom Objects
Report Sharing
Group Permissions

Frequently asked questions

What is an action?

An action is any event tracked in Woopra such as pageviews, downloads, property changes and any custom actions you configure. Also, every time a property is changed, for example, a user updated their email address or joins a segment, it will be listed as an action in the customer profile and counted towards your action quota.

What if I want to add multiple projects?

If you’re an agency, we offer custom agency packages designed for scale. If you’re not an agency, but have a large volume of projects you would like to add, we can create a customized package for you. Please get in touch with us for more information.

What plan will I be on when I sign up?

When you sign up, your project will be put on our free plan which includes all of the Core features and up to 500,000 actions/month. Once you exceed the monthly quota, you will be asked to upgrade. You may also request an Enterprise trial by getting in touch with us.

How long does Woopra store my data?

Woopra retains your data for 90 days on the Core package. For Premium and Enterprise plans, Woopra stores your data for 24 months with optional additional retention for Enterprise plans.

How do I figure out how many actions I'll need?

Use the Core (free) version of Woopra to test out the platform and gain an understanding of how many actions you'll be tracking every month. Tracking a few fundamental actions will provide insight into where you'll be as you scale and grow with Woopra.

Can I try Woopra before I buy?

Absolutely - Woopra’s Core (Free) package is loaded with the fundamental features and functionality of the platform. You can test and analyze on the Core version with up to 500,000 actions per month. Once you’ve exceeded this limit, you’ll have the option to keep rolling with a monthly subscription or wait until your quota resets the following month.

What happens after I exceed my action quota?

If you're a Woopra Core (Free) user and exceed your quota, Woopra will continue collecting your data but remove access until your quota resets the following month. If have a Pro subscription with Woopra, you'll never lose access to your account and will automatically be charged $0.20 for each additional 1,000 actions sent through the end of your billing cycle.

I want to analyze multiple projects in Woopra. Do I need a new subscription for every project?

No, you don't! Woopra allows you to consolidate all projects for the same company under one subscription. Create test environments, manage multiple company domains and more while hosting payment information and account details under one primary subscription.

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