Customer Journey Analytics for Gaming

Optimize the game experience across player lifecycles. Understand who they are and how they behave to engage your high value players and stay ahead of churn.

Custom Action Tracking

Analyze user Behavior Across Every Touchpoint

Woopra’s SDKs enable you to track both web-based and mobile events within the same instance. You can record every action your users commit, along with the event’s relevant properties, regardless of platform.

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Customizable Schemas

Create a Bespoke Analytics Solution with Visitor and Action Schemas

Use Woopra's Schemas to define how actions are tracked, displayed and aggregated throughout the platform. For example, if you track when users make an in-game purchase, Woopra allows you to generate reports on the number of total in-game purchases, the most popular in-game purchases, the revenue generated from in-game purchases, and more. Use this data for segmentation or to trigger actions in real-time.


Retention Reports

Measure Engagement over Time to keep Users Coming back

Use Woopra's Retention Reports to measure, for example, if users continue to come back and play games after their first use. Analyze the repeat engagement of any action over time, such as logins, in-app purchases and more to identify where you're losing gamers and how to keep them coming back!

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Custom Cohorts

Easily customize any Analytics Report to measure specific behaviors, constraints and cohorts. For example, you could create a report that tells you how long users from the United States continue to make in-game purchases over $5.


Journey Reports

Measure how Users move Through your game and Optimize Drop-Off Points

Journey Reports can tell you how far users make it in your games. Simply define the important steps and measure the percent of users who complete each. You can also compare how different user segments move through the Journey to identify your best and worst performing types of users. For example, you could compare user segments based on country, region, or player level.

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Types of questions you can answer with Woopra:

  • What combination of behaviors and attributes make up our customer personas and how do their journeys tend to differ?
  • Which game features drive the most engagement?
  • Which game features impact support tickets?
  • For each persona, which touchpoints make the strongest contributions to the probability of in-game purchases?
  • For how long do users continue to come back and play games, move through levels, etc.?


Full insight into the customer journey.
No SQL required.

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