Retention Analytics Reports

Measure the engagement of features and actions over time to proactively reduce churn and identify the behaviors that drive success.


Drive Long-Term Growth with All-Encompassing Cohort Analysis

Growth starts with loyal customers. Identify who they are and how to keep them coming back.

Retention analytics reports help you understand if users continue to perform key actions such as logging in, using core product features, opening your mobile app or even clicking the promotional emails. Gain a comprehensive understanding of engagement to retain your best customer types.


Measure Your Churn Rate in Seconds

It costs 5X as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one!

Churn reports help you understand when you're losing customers, who they are and their associated value. Use retention analytics to analyze the actions that contribute to churn to identify why you're losing customers and how to keep them in the future.

Segment reports by NPS score, quality churn rate, revenue churn rate, customer churn rate and more to gain a holistic understanding of the metrics that drive success.

Once we implemented Woopra, we could find out who was actually using our tool and who wasn’t. This allowed us to target the people who were not using it effectively and, therefore, get less churn out of these individuals and customers.

Jason Bangerter, Rentler CEO

The Data’s in the Details

Amplify Retention Analysis with Woopra's powerful behavioral segmentation

See how different behavioral segments of users engage with your product. Discover if users who've converted through a drip campaign are more loyal than those who come through Facebook ads. Or, if mobile customers are more likely to churn than desktop users. Leverage user retention analytics to access the insights you need to resolve issues, boost conversions and maximize lifetime value.


Answer the Questions that Drive Success

The connection between growth and retention lies in the experience. User retention analytics reporting allows you to answer questions such as, do users continue to:

  • Make purchases in your app?
  • Open your onboarding emails?
  • Use your mobile app after installing it?
  • Engage with core product features?
  • Use your web application after signup?
  • Read documentation and content?


Full insight into the customer journey.
No SQL required.

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