Customer Journey Analytics for Banking & Finance

Track and unite your customer data to optimize the experience, personalize promotions and provide real-time support.

People Profiles

Personalize Customer Service in Real-time

When dealing with something as sensitive as finances, customers appreciate personalized service. Woopra’s Customer Profiles show your team each customer’s activity, such as when they manage their account online or download reports. This real-time insight enables your reps to assist customers in a more personalized and productive way.

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Embedded Profiles

See Real-time User Engagement in Your Existing Environment

Embed Woopra’s Customer Profiles directly within the CRM or help desk your team is already using. Use Woopra's pre-built integrations with your existing tools, such as Salesforce or Zendesk, so that your reps won’t have to switch back and forth between applications.


Trends Reports

Real-time Campaign Reporting Across Channels

Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in real-time. Whether advertising or email, Woopra's Trends Reports can instantly reveal campaign performance so that you can tweak underperforming campaigns on the fly. Don't waste money waiting for campaign results. Use Trends Reports to boost marketing efficiency and conversions. 

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Customer Journey Reports

Improve Conversions with Customer Journey Reports

Use Journey Reports to pinpoint exactly where visitors are dropping off. For example, you could create a Journey for a credit card application process to discover what hinders people from completing the application. You can also compare how different user segments move through the Journey to identify your best and worst performing user groups. 

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Types of Questions You Can Answer with Woopra:

  • Where am I losing my potential clients when they sign up for my service?
  • Which marketing campaigns bring the most-qualified leads?
  • Which financial products are my clients most interested in?
  • How are clients finding out about us?
  • How often do clients login to their accounts to check their portfolio performance?
  • How do visitors contact us for more information - email, phone or chat?


Full insight into the customer journey.
No SQL required.

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