Built In Fields

Built-in fields are generated by default for every visitor, visit and action. These fields can be used in filtering, querying, and searching.

Field Name Description Scope
~a Original referrer type visitors
~b Original referrer url if available visitors
~c Original referrer search query if available visitors
~d Original visit timestamp in unix time in milliseconds visitors
~e Randomly assigned numbers to anonymous visitors visitors
~i Woopra-Generated visitor number visitors
city City visits
region Region/State visits
lng Longitude visits
lat Latitude visits
country Country visits
ip IP Address visits
screen Screen Resolution visits
language Language visits
os Operating System visits
domain Domain visits
browser Browser visits
continent Continent visits
timezone TimeZone visits
offset TimeZone Offset (ex: +08:00) visits
post Postal or Zip Code visits
time Time of Visit in UNIX Millisecond Time Format visits
hour Hour of Visit visits
day Day of Visit visits
month Month of Visit visits
quarter Quarter (3 month period) of Visit visits
year Year of Visit visits
duration Duration of Visit in Milliseconds visits
referrertype Visit Referrer Type visits
referrerquery Visit Referrer Query (for search referrals) visits
referrerurl Visit Referrer URL visits
landingpage Landing page path visits
~n Action name or event name (ex: purchase or pageview) actions
~d Action domain (ex: mywebsite.com or subdomain.myswebsite.com) actions
~i action is a landing page if this property exists actions
~o action is an exit page if this property exists actions
~m action unix time (in milliseconds) actions
~s action was tracked over https if this property exists actions
~t action is passive if this property exists actions
~u action duration in seconds (available for pageviews) actions
campaign_name Action campaign name if available actions
campaign_term Action campaign term if available actions
campaign_medium Action campaign medium if available actions
campaign_source Action campaign source if available actions
campaign_content Action campaign content if available actions

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