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Woopra Live Dashboard

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The Dashboard is the starting point for Woopra Live. The Dashboard provides a real-time view of what is happening right now on your website (Right Now view) as well as what has happened today on your website (Today view).


The dashboard is comprised of many different widgets that each give you a different piece of information about your website activity. The widgets are all real-time and allow you to dig deeper for more insight by clicking on a number to get an individual-level view. If you click on a piece information in a widget, it will intelligently link you to the list of individuals, providing more detailed information.

Dashboard Top Four Widgets

Top 4 Widgets

The top four widgets are the most prominent on the dashboard. They reside above the Right Now/Today toggle and are unaffected by it. No matter whether you select Today or Right Now, they show the same information. Lets go through them from left to right in more detail.

  • Visitors Right Now – This widget displays how many visitors are on your site right now. It also shows how many are Writing, Reading or Idle. Visitors who are writing are typing text into a box on your website (e.g. a contact form or comment field). Visitors who are Reading are moving their mouse or scrolling on your website. Visitors who are Idle are not actively using your website, but have probably left it open in a tab.
  • Today – This widget shows the number of Visitors, Visits and Actions your site has received today. It also shows what percentage of visitors are new, how long the average visit was and the average number of actions performed per visit.
  • Visits – Today vs Trend – This widget shows two line graphs. The darker graph shows the number of visits per hour today. The lighter graph shows visits per hour averaged over the past 7 days.
  • Last 30 Days – New vs Returning – This widget displays 30 bar graphs. Each one represents a day from the past 30 days and displays new vs returning visitors. The lighter section represents total returning visitors and the darker section represents total new visitors.
  • Last 30 Days – By Sources – By clicking the triangle shaped drop down in the Last 30 Days widget, you can change the widget to show sources instead of new vs returning visitors. The four sources that the graph shows are Direct, Referrers, Searches and Social. You may hover over individual bars for more detail.

Right Now and Today Toggle

Right Now and Today Toggle

This toggle controls all of the widgets below it. It allows you to switch all the widgets, dynamically, from showing only information about visitors on your site Right Now to showing information about all the visitors that have visited your website Today. It is important to note that if there are no visitors on your website right now, then the Dashboard will show no information if Right Now is chosen from this toggle. If that is the case, switch the toggle to Today to view what has happened on your website throughout the day. Also note that Today starts at Midnight in the time zone that is configured in your settings.

Dashboard Map


The map gives you a visual display of the geographic distribution of your website visitors. The countries on the map get shaded darker as visits from that country increase. Hover over any country to discover how many visitors came from that location. To dig deeper, click on a country and Woopra will display a list of all the visitors from that country.

Below the map is a listing of your top eight countries, regions (states in the US) and cities. Again, to dig deeper, simply click on any of the countries, regions or cities, and Woopra will show you a list of all the visitors from that country, region or city.

Dashboard Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources

  • Circle Chart – This chart displays the distribution of your website visits from different referrer categories. “Direct” referrers are visits that came from a bookmark or typing your domain in manually. “Referrers” shows how many visits were the result of Back Link referrers, such as an article that contains your URL. “Searches” shows the number of visits that came from search engines such as Google. Lastly, Social tells you how many visits came from social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Simply click on one of the referrer categories and Woopra will show you all the visits in the given category.
  • Referrer Domains – The left most column is a list of the top eight Back Links that have brought visitors to your website. When you click on one, Woopra will show you all the visits that originated from that source.
  • Search Terms – The middle column is a list of the top search terms that your visitors have typed into search engines to find your site. When you click on a search term Woopra will show you all the visits where that search term was used.
  • Social Referrers (Not Shown Above) – On the far right of the Traffic Sources widget is the list of the top eight social referrers. When you click on an item in the list, Woopra will show you all the visits that originated from the specified social networking site.

Dashboard Top Pages, Labels and Events

Labels, Top Pages and Top Events

  • Labels – Labels are the visitor segments you have defined based on a set of filters. This widget shows you the number of visits that match your various labels, giving you insight into the activity of your key visitor segments. When you click on one of the Labels, Woopra will show you all the visits that matched that label.
  • Top Pages – This is a list of the eight most visited pages on your website. When you click on a page, Woopra will show you all visits that browsed that page.
  • Top Events – This is a list of the top Custom Events that have been triggered. Refer to the Key Terms section of the User’s Guide for more information on Custom Events. When you click an item in this list, Woopra shows you all the visits that triggered that Custom Event.

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