How to create Labels


Labels are a way of saving customer segments that are important to you. For example, you may want to save a “Submitted Ticket” customer segment, to monitor users who’ve sought out help or an “at-risk of leaving” customer segment in order to monitor, analyze, and compare these customers.

Once you create a Label, you will be able to use it for quick segmentation in many other Woopra features, such as Analytics Reports and the People View. You can also pin your labels to the dash as widgets to see this group at a glance.

What Labels Should I Create?

To get started, think about which customer segments are important to you. Which customers do you want to stay on top of? Which groups do you want to analyze?

These are the customer segments you should create Labels for. You will continuously think of new groups as time goes on and you can always add Labels at any point in the future.

How To Create Labels

  1. Go to the manage section in the Woopra web app by clicking the slide-bar icon in the left-hand panel.
  2. Once you click the icon, it will open to the Labels tab.
  3. Click on the “Create New Label” button, which will open the Label Editor.
  4. First, name your Label and select a color. This defines how your Label will appear.
  5. Next, define the Label’s segment by using the filters which can be added by clicking the + signs. For more information about how to use filters, please see our documentation on segmentation.
  6. You can toggle whether or not to display the labels by clicking the checkbox. Click “Save” button located at the top right of the editor when done.

Note: You may also create a Label whenever you create a new segment in one of Woopra’s features by simply clicking the “Save As Label” button.

How To Use Labels

Once a Label is created, you will be able to use it across many Woopra features, including:

Dashboard You will see all of your Labels listed in the “Labels” widget on the dashboard. This gives you a high level view of the activity of the customer segments important to you. If you click on one of the Labels, Woopra will display a list of all the individual customers in that segment.
People View Visitors in your people view will be tagged with any Labels for which they fit the criteria. This allows you to quickly spot customers in important segments.
Reports Your Labels will be prepopulated in the segmentation drop-down menu for all analytics reports. Simply select your desired Label from the drop-down menu and your report will be refined to match the segment criteria defined in the Label. This includes analytics, funnels, retention, and navigation path reports.

Note: You are not limited to your Labels for segmentation. You can always create new segments while using any of the above features.

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