Cohort Analytics Reports

Analyze and compare growth trends over time by monthly or quarterly cohorts.

Calculate Revenue Growth by Monthly Cohorts

Identify revenue patterns throughout the customer lifecycle to retain your best customer types.

Use Cohort Analytics Reports to calculate month over month revenue and identify the factors driving retention, stickiness and customer health.

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Analyze the Impact of Your Onboarding Experience

Know if a new onboarding experience improves retention and customer health

With Woopra’s Cohort Analytics Reports, you’re not limited to analyzing cohorts by simple acquisition or signup dates. Understand the impact new in-app experiences have on product usage and how that engagement impacts retention over time to build features that drive long-term success.

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Measure Marketing Campaign Efficiency

Acquiring new customers is great, but retaining them is greater. Woopra’s Cohort Analytics Reports allow you to analyze beyond the point of conversion, helping you understand which campaigns or promotions deliver your most engaged customer types month over month.


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